Fiji Raintree ADN

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Beautiful Fiji Raintree slabs! Tons of character, many different sizes! 
In some regions it is called Monkey Pod or Saman.
Some have holes, splits (some split in more than one piece), some movement from air and kiln drying (bow,twist,cup), most will need epoxy or bow ties (zoom into pics to see).
They are in the rough but will be stunning when cleaned up!
There will be a sample pic in each listing of one that we sanded and put some water on to show the color and grain.
*Shipping available, must contact us before purchase for an estimate!* 
*Prices listed are kiln dried prices, price is less for slabs that are air drying.*
*Title Description: KD=Kiln Dried, KDN=Kiln Drying Now, AD=Air Dried, ADN=Air Drying Now.*
*Dimensions are approximate and can vary some, widths only measured in one place and can be wider or narrower in different spots of the slab.*
This specific slab is 7’ long, 18” wide, 2 1/2” thick.